“Right off the bat I knew I was in for a fun day: Kelley has an easygoing energy, and was a breeze to talk to!”

— Client B

“So thankful for Kelley! I’d been struggling with space issues in my studio apartment and she helped me turn a box-sized room into what feels like a full home. She really took the time to listen to my needs and work with me to create a space I can work in, relax in, and cook in without feeling cramped. I also greatly appreciated her patience as I struggled to let go of some possessions that were, in actuality, weighing me down. Now my apartment is my favorite place to come home to!”

— Client V

“I could NOT have done this without Kelley, she talked me though it all and she had no judgements, just kind words and supporting advice. And I realized getting rid of clothing was not just about getting rid of excess: After having kids, I’d been buying things to hide myself, not choosing special things which made me feel alive when I wore them. I’m going to change my shopping outlook, too: If I can’t find something that fits me and makes me feel beautiful and joyous, I’ll come home empty handed—AND THAT’S OK. THAT in itself has been one of the biggest lessons for me. So ladies and gents, wear what makes you feel most alive and toss the rest, it doesn’t spark joy.”

— Bridget Phillips, Raleigh Mom writing in Walter Magazine


“I can’t speak highly enough of working with Kelley. Don’t wait – call, email, DM her now! The closet is just a starting point. There are so many spaces in my house that could use her help and guidance. And I couldn’t have done it without her. Not only would it have taken me much longer, but she coached me throughout on proper folding and organization methods that I wouldn’t have learned on my own. Thank you Kelley for spreading and creating so much joy.”

— Liz Bartlett, Holly Springs mom writing for South Wake Raleigh Moms

“Until I revamped my closet and drawers with the KonMari Method™ I was one of those people with a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Kelley came to my apartment and taught me about, not just how to properly fold and sort my clothing, but how to care for and respect my clothes. She offered no judgements or opinions, which gave me confidence in deciding for myself what to keep and what to donate. At first I was wary, because I’ve never been one to fold my clothes and the idea of touching and acknowledging every item seemed like work. However, in the end I had a clear understanding of just how much I have. It was like shopping in my own closet! The after effects of my session have made getting dressed in the morning easier, which gives me more time and less stress in my day and more confidence because I find myself no longer second guessing what I wear. Kelley and the KonMari Method™ encourage me to only keep what I feel good in. I am now a more conscious, clean, confident, and organized shopper. A true lifestyle change has never felt more meaningful or been so easy.”

— Client C

“Spending time with Kelley is calming and invigorating all at once. She has cultivated such a peaceful life for herself that when I am with her my energy feels more even keeled as well. At the same time, her mind thinks through opportunities for improvements so creatively and clearly that problems seem solved and next steps get planned with great enthusiasm.

Having her work with me at Declutter DC as an apprentice was such a gift - not only did she produce high quality work when we had products to create, but she also helped with longer term strategic decisions about how best to serve clients through this business. When she was with clients, she was professional and thoughtful and they gravitated towards spending time with her - just as many of us do.

I would jump at the chance to work with Kelley in any capacity because she can be counted on to add value to a project in a home, a business venture and also as a friend and colleague.”